The Artwork on this site is NOT Public Domain nor is it Orphaned Work.


All Artwork displayed on this site are property of the artist (S. Finch) and and shall not to be used under any circumstance, personal or commercial. The only exception to this are the "Clip-Ups" images (See below).

The artwork contained on this website is for your viewing pleasure ONLY. They are not to be redistributed, altered or sold in any way unless otherwise noted. They are not to be used in whole, in part or as training for AI generating programs. All artwork on this site has been Copyright Protected through the United States Copyright Office. This means official documentation exists that will allow Legal Council to be sought against anyone infringing on those rights.

If you want to use the Artwork on this site for Educational or Editorial purposes, please send an email for written permission.

CLIP-UPS: Covered under "Attribution-Noncommercial" License.

If you use Clip-Up images you are required to give credit to the artist (S. Finch).
If images are used online a link back to must be provided. Under no circumstances are you allowed to pass these images off as your own.

This means that using the Clip-Up images for making Tubes, Avatars, flyers for your bands show, on your personal website, etc. is acceptable provided you follow the requirement of artist credit and/or a link back to this site. You do not need to email for permission to use the Clip-Ups images when used under this Copyright License.

On the other hand... If you get paid to make Tubes, Avatars, flyers, etc using the Clip-Ups or put them on merchandise for sale you are breaking the Copyright permissions and are forbidden to use the images.

Its pretty simple... but in case you are still unsure, please visit the Creative Commons website for detailed information on Copyrights.

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